Eagle III IoT

Our interconnected grommeting machine intuitively adjusts to your material thickness, advises you when worn parts need replacement, conducts its own corrective & predictive maintenance, permits reordering of grommets and washers via an online commerce application, and provides production efficiency statistics for you & your team. .

The Connected and Intelligent Grommeting machine

Adfast will present its new Eagle III IoT. The ideal grommeting machine for production lines with limited in-house maintenance capabilities. Rather than hiring a maintenance technician, our Eagle III IoT alerts you when maintenance is required, suggests when parts should be replaced, and shows you how to resolve any issue via a built-in library of instructions and videos.

Regardless of where you are in the World, your Eagle III IoT grommeting machine has your back.

About Us

For the last 35 years, Adfast Grommeting has mastered the design & production of grommets, washers, and grommeting machines for all applications and needs. Adfast Grommeting is the only totally integrated business in the industry. It not only designs but also manufactures and distributes its own grommets, washers, and grommeting machines. Family owned since it’s beginnings, it is now currently managed by the third generation.

Adfast Grommeting services a multitude of clients in various countries: from small to large volume, technology savvy to technology shy, near and far. Its manufacturing plant and Headquarters are located in Montréal Canada. Proprietary offices in various cities across North America (Montréal, New York, Toronto, Florida, Missouri, Indiana, Winnipeg, Calgary, Québec) and partners in the Philippines and Australia are equipped to service all your needs.

Eagle Family

No matter your material or application, we have the grommeting machine for you. Adfast designs and manufactures all parts as well as assembles each machine in-house, to meet your specific needs. Eagle III machines are intuitive, easy to use, low maintenance, and affordable. From simple to option packed, each Eagle III family cators to different production lines and processes:

  • Eagle III MANUAL: Grommets and washers are hand fed, and a foot pedal activates the machine in order to cut the hole and set the grommet.
  • Eagle III AUTO: One hit of the foot pedal automatically feeds the grommet and washer, cuts the hole, and sets the grommet and washer.
  • Eagle IIII SMART: An AUTO machine with additional tools such as an interactive touch screen, built-in user guides, and maintenance instructions.
  • Eagle IIII IoT: A SMART machine with additional tools such as predictive maintenance, production efficiency statistics, and machine part reordering via our online commerce platform.

Our machines are designed to be modular, thereby permitting you to upgrade at any time. If after purchasing an Eagle III MANUAL you obtain a large production contract and wish to upgrade to an AUTO, just send it back to us.


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